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Yillong Chemical Group was established in 1997 and it is a holding company branched into 8 different groups and each operating group focus on manufacturing, research and development, promoting and sales activities throughout China and all over the world.

Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose, the most abundant polymer in nature. For a long time these versatile products have played an important role in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, latex paints, construction products, ceramics, and a host of other applications.

Esterol™ is the sıate-of -the-art coalescent lor latex paints, inks and industrial coatings. It may be readily added to formulations especially in situations that are difficult to form films. Esterol™ enhances the performance properties of the paint including color development, coalescence at low temperature, scrub resistance, weather resistance, viscosity stability, touch-up and flexibility Esterol™ is a low toxic, non-VOC and environmental friendly biodegradable product.

As the most professional corporation of bentonite rheological additive, Yillong Chemical Co., Ltd, deals with various bentonite products to afford its best service to consumers.

BG series rheological additives have high gel efficiency, good viscosity repeatability, perfect thickening ability and anti-sediment ability when they are used in organic solvent. They also have good properties of thixotropy, sag resistance, dispersion fineness and wide applicable solvent polarity range and etc.

The re-dispersible powder polymer is a new self-developed polymer by Yillong Chemical Group Ltd., it is also an important polymer of Yillong to meet the market demand, to widen the products field, and to optimize the industrial structure. With world’s top production equipment and DCS control system, this project has a production capacity of 8,000 tons per year and excel with an advanced control system, large-scale device, high-tech products, complete assortments, and wide adaptation range.

Increase the whiteness
The power of whiteness of a white pigment is attributed to the power of dispersion of the pigment. When the concentration of this pigment increases, the distance travelled by the light that enters and leaves the film of the paint, is reduced given the fact that it is better reflected.

Feonox pigments are chemically inert, insoluble in water and stable in all weather conditions.

They are safe non-toxic colours with excellent resisitance to UV radiation fading and leaching and are virtually maintenance-free.

Titanium dioxide pigment is a fine white powder. When used in paints, plastics or paper, it provides maximum whiteness and opacity. It gives paint high hiding power, meaning the ability to mask or hide a substrate. It does this more effectively than any other white pigment. Today, titanium dioxide pigment is the most important material used by the paints and plastics industry for whiteness and opacity.

Blanc Fixe is a synthetic barium sulfate produced from highly purified solutions in a defined particle size.

Blanc Fixe spaces and recovers no matter what kind of pigments you use and prevents efficiency losses. You can use it with white, black or colored pigments.

Many other pigments are prone to agglomeration which reduces pigments scattering power. Blanc Fixe is used as functional extender in coatings, plastics, etc.

Thanks to Blanc Fixe, it is possible to reduce costs and also enhance efficiency of pigments used. Its particles act as ideal spacer for pigments and is widely used for partial replacements of white and colored pigments without any loss of optical performance such as gloss and color strength.

Calphos N sodium hexa meta phosphate (SHMP), is an additive for many industries to improve and balance the performance. It is used in all high solid content exterior and interior paints as pigment disperser and filler.

In coating industry, Calphos N is used as water softening agent, disperser and flotation agent.

Water softening agent

Applying Calphos N SHMP in coating industry (exterior, interior) helps softening water in applications. By this improvement, pigments and fillers can be dispersed easily and supports flotation as flotation agent.

Soyalec Soy Lecithin is refined from soya and it is one of the necessary fatty elements that many applications need. It acts as emulsifier, antioxidant, diluting agent and dispersing agent in applications. It also acts with carbohydrate and protein to improve physical properties of food.

Soyalec Soy Lecithin has pure smell, low impurity content (less than 0.01%) and it is transparent fluid.

cafo Calcium Formate, is an additive for improving the performance and quality of construction chemicals and compounds. When it is used in construction industry, you can;

increase the open time

accelerate setting & hardening

improve adhesion

cafo Calcium Formate, increases water stability which means that your application can be more durable in humid conditions such as pools, bathrooms, etc.


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