Blanc Fixe is a synthetic barium sulfate produced from highly purified solutions in a defined particle size. Thanks to its chemical production process, Blanc Fixe improves many remarkable characteristics of the following applications;

In liquid paints (as filler)

  • General industrial paints
  • Water borne paints
  • Can coatings
  • Coil coatings
  • Wood paints
  • Anti-corrosive & Marine coatings

Why Blanc Fixe should be used in liquid coating applications?

  • Improves weathering resistance
  • Improves chemical resistance
  • Adjusts gloss (finer product, more gloss)
  • Functional extender
  • Pigment stabilizer
  • Improves mechanical film properties
  • Easily dispersible

In batteries

  • Improves cathod process

In paper production

  • High chemical resistance, filler and pigment

In powder paints (as filler)

Why Blanc Fixe should be used in powder coating applications?

  • Boosts up mechanical properties
  • Ensures high brightness
  • Improves thermal stability
  • Good filling capacity
  • Good flow properties
  • High quality functional extender

In plastics and rubber (as filler)


Why Blanc Fixe should be used in plastic and rubber applications?

  • Has high resistance to weathering
  • Improves stamina
  • Improves strength
  • Suitable for color-sensitive systems
  • Enhances density in noise and vibration
  • suppression systems

In vehicle brake-pads

High resistane to heat

In concrete structure

Radiation shield against X-rays

Spacing of pigments

Blanc Fixe spaces and recovers no matter what kind of pigments you use and prevents efficiency losses. You can use it with white, black or colored pigments.

Offers cost-effective solutions

Many other pigments are prone to agglomeration which reduces pigments scattering power. Blanc Fixe is used as functional extender in coatings, plastics, etc.
Thanks to Blanc Fixe, it is possible to reduce costs and also enhance efficiency of pigments used. Its particles act as ideal spacer for pigments and is widely used for partial replacements of white and colored pigments without any loss of optical performance such as gloss and color strength.

Key features

Easily wettable due to its low specific surface area
Resistant to light and weathering
Resistant to acids and alkalis
Excellent dispersibility
Functional exender
No impurities
High brilliance
Pigment stabilizer
Low refractive index
High mechanical properties
Insoluble in water and organic solvents
Low Mohs hardness, ensure minimized abrassion during process

Noise suppression in pipes

Noise nuisance, has been always a problem in water and drain pipes, can be suppressed only by using the highest density material in the drainage system.

Now, Blanc Fixe with a higher density than calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is used to compensate for the lower density of PVC, PP, etc.