Blanc Fixe XL-J is a synthetic barium sulfate produced from highly purified solutions in a defined particle size. Thanks to its chemical production process, Blanc Fixe XL-J improves many remarkable properties including weathering resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, brilliance in coloured systems, mechanical strength, etc.

Blanc Fixe XL-J is one of the most used conventional functional filler and inorganic additive worldwide with its superior electrical conductivity property.

Applications: Blanc Fixe XL-J is used in many industries for its superior properties.

Coatings: Can coating, coil coating, wood coating, anti-corrosive/marine coating, powder coating, automotive coating, etc.

Plastic and rubber: PVC, PP, PE, PMMA, PUR, ABS, PET, etc. Blanc Fixe XL-J ensures better results than CaCO in terms of mechanical strength, resistance to weathering, 3 aging and chemicals, with noise and vibration suppression in applications.

Blanc Fixe XL-J can also find usage areas in paper production (as filler), vehicle brake pads (high resistance to heat), batteries (improves the efficiency of cathod process, etc.) and concrete (as radiation shield against X rays in hospitals,nuclear reactors, etc.).

BaSOcontent (%) approx. 99.0
Colorimetric index L* (%) approx. 99.0
Median value D50 (μm) approx. 1.0
pH value 6.5-9.0
Oil Absorption (g/100g) 14-20
Volatiles (@105⁰C, %) max. 0.2
Sieve residue on 325 mesh (%) max. 0.1
Electrical conductivity (μS/cm) max. 100


25 kgs multi layer paper – PE bag.


Store in cool, dry and well-ventilated areas. For more details, please refer to the material safety data sheet.