Esterol™ is the sıate-of -the-art coalescent lor latex paints, inks and industrial coatings. It may be readily added to formulations especially in situations that are difficult to form films. Esterol™ enhances the performance properties of the paint including color development, coalescence at low temperature, scrub resistance, weather resistance, viscosity stability, touch-up and flexibility Esterol™ is a low toxic, non-VOC and environmental friendly biodegradable product.

Low temperature-efficient coalescence

Applying paints below the minimum film formation temperature ( MFFT ) can cause some cracks. This means some paints can form films but can’t coalesce at power temperatures. Adding Esterol™ decreases the minimum film formation temperature ( MFFT ) of latex paints and allows to form films in a wide renge of temperatures.

Key features

  • Ease of usage and addition
  • Improved scrub resistance
  • Low temperature and efficient coalescence
  • Better color stability
  • Compatible with most latexes
  • Unlikely to cause shocking
  • Low evaporation rate – high boiling point
  • Low freezing point
  • Better weather resistance
  • Improved hardnesss

Improving hardness

Esterol™ improves the hardness of the film and continues to improve the hardness over time, but the coalescent-free systems remained at a constant level.


  • Film forming agent
  • Coelescing aid
  • Coating Systems ( Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, etc. )
  • Printing inks ( Letterpress and lithographic oil based inks)
  • Chemical reaction intermediate
  • Water-based coating systems
Typical Properties Value
Molecular Weight 216
Specific Gravity @20°C/20°C 0.9464
Boiling Point @ 760 mmHg 255°C
Flash Point, Closed Cup 122°C
Freezing Point < – 70,25°C
Vapor Pressure @20°C 0,001 kPa
Solubility in Water @25°C 0,5 – 3,79 g/l
Viscosity @25°C 13,6 mPa.s
Autoignition Temperature 388°C
Purity (%) ≤ 99,0
Water Content (%) ≤ 0,1

Better color stability

Esterol™ also effects the color. If the paint is applied at different conditions. It may ntt coalesce properly well. Because of that. The color may be different as well. Figures below show the dilferences between the coalesced system and coalescent-free system. Systems are applied to one portion of panels at 25°C and to other portion at 4°C.

Ensuring pH stability

One of the most important necessity for any high-quality paint is pH stability. Most of the paints are commonly formulated to pH 9 or above but it may decrease over time. Decrease in the pH could result in a decrease in viscosity and make the paint more susceptible to biologilcal contamination.

  • Esterol™ can be effectlively used in all kinds of latexes. It has good resin compatibilty. Safe and efficient.
  • Esterol™ is ideally suited to waterborne paints in terms or its low evaporation rate – high boiling point.
  • Esterol™ is needed in very small amounts to ensure fılm integrity, color stability, scrub resistance.
  • Esterol™ has low freezing point, low flammability rating and low risk of cause shocking.