Soyalec Soya Lecithin (food grade) is refined from soya and it is one of the necessary fatty elements that many applications need. It acts as emulsifier, antioxidant, diluting agent and dispersing agent in applications. It also acts with carbohydrate and protein to improve physical properties of food.

Soyalec Soya Lecithin has pure smell, low impurity content (less than 0.01%) and it is transparent fluid.


Soyalec Soya Lecithin is used in many applications to ensure better dispersion, emulsification, smoothness, gloss and stability. It is used in;

  • food
  • pharmacy
  • coating
  • textile
  • leather
  • cosmetics

Typical Properties

Appearance Transparent fluid
Gardner color (max) 14
Acid value (mgKOH/g, max) 30
Moisture (%, max) 1.0
Acetone insoluble (%, min) 60
N-hexane insoluble (%, max) 0.3
Peroxide value (meq/kg, max) 10
Heavy metals (ppm, max) 20
Coli form (MPN/100g, max) 30
E-coli Negative
Yeast&moulds (cfu/g, max) 25
Salmonella Negative


20 kgs drum, 200 kgs drum, 1000 kgs IBC.


Store in cool, dry and well-ventilated areas. For more details, please refer to the material safety data sheet.